Good Beer Guide Germany (2006 / 2011)


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By Steve Thomas

When Good Beer Guide Germany first came out in 2006 it became the instant go-to book for German beer knowledge. A massive tome, it is a meticulously researched labor of love in full color.

Included with every copy is a 2011 beer and brewery supplement helping to keep the book up-to-date.

Steve Thomas’s guide covers over 7500 beers from 1250 German breweries, including over 900 where he lists suggestions of where to try the beer near to where it is brewed and when you are likely to find the brewer selling beer direct from the brewhouse.

There is also an introduction to over 40 different German beer styles; helpful phrases for the beer tourist; tips on understanding German beer culture; how to behave in a Biergarten; the Cologne carnival; and the Oktoberfest. City guides include Bamberg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich and seven others.

Current edition: 2006 (with comprehensive 2011 supplement)
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 576
Published by: CAMRA Books
ISBN: 978-1-85249-219-8

Steve Thomas has spent the best part of ten years researching the beers and breweries of Germany. His comprehensive knowledge of their practices and products, styles and quirks is unparalleled in the English-speaking world. He lives in Cardiff with his wife and young son, where he works as a manager with Arriva, recently taken over, ironically perhaps, by Deutsche Bahn.



Image of Good Beer Guide Germany (2006 / 2011)